MBC-The Flood

The Russian Menace

December 28th-31st, 1879 (Wednesday)

The posse was met by Lacy O’Malley and confronted with a young girl he recently discovered, half starved and abused in the budding town of Perdition. Her story involved a life of misery and horrors on the nearby Felicity Peak. The mesa was owned by Gregor Petrov, a minor Russian noble and mined by a couple hundred serfs, many of them children. More fanciful stories from the girl described rumors of Gregor drinking the blood of children.

The posse loaded bags of staple foods onto the Good Fortune in hopes it may find use among the starving serfs they were told about and set out to right the evils. After about half a day spent steaming around and near the mesa a plan formed that relied upon the tried and true sneak attack.

Steaming past, the huckster unleashed a brutal barrage that killed the handful of dock guards suddenly, snuffing out their souls. The plan stumbled a little from there when the posse marched up onto the peak unannounced, and things quickly devolved into a proper gunfight.

Serfs scattered everywhere as posse and gunmen took cover and exchanged fire. The gunmen were soon bolstered by their leader, the feared gunslinger El Jefe. Soon even Gregor joined the fight, howling his rage and an impressive array of Russian swearing. Danny was bludgeoned soundly by Gregor’s rifle at one point, and the posse fell back reliable under the onslaught as bullets seemed unable to do more than scratch Gregor. Eventually a few lucky blasts of magic managed to wound the man monster, and he tried to drink a nearby child’s blood in desperation, but for whatever reason this had no effect.

In the end an exhausted and battered posse was triumphant and the challenge became figuring out how to help the serfs survive without their master and the regular shipments of supplies. Some plans for defense have been drawn up, and many of the serfs have went to the mainland, Lacy has been able to make some arrangements for the children at least. Word has it that he is trying to see them on a train back to Tombstone, where his company and colleagues might be able to offer support away from the boomtown environment of California.

Some loot was found in the mansion on Felicity Peak, but much was left to help the 150 or so remaining serfs carve out a life there or wherever they might choose to finally settle.

OOC Notes:

A little short on players this week, but things went well enough. A lot of time was spent getting everyone up to speed and recapping recent sessions. More time probably should have been spent on introductions, but we can always remedy that next session. This session had a few guidelines and it was left to the party to figure out how they approached the situation.

I liked seeing the huckster powers in action, I thought the balance of spending points to cast and dealing with the devil worked nicely, with the occasional backfire giving the latter a bit of bite, but nothing too severe.

Rewards: Everyone moved to 15XP, this means you can make a new buy.
About $2000 in assorted cash and valuables recovered from Gregor’s mansion that could be spared. There were some gold bowls as well, but no one could stand to even touch them.
15 pounds of ghost rock.
A steam launch could be claimed from the peak, if desired (stats can be found in The Flood PG).



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